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Aug 23, 2013 2:00pm EDT
: let's try charles from mississippi. republican line. hi, there. caller: my question to the lady would be that i noticed during this family vacation with the president's family was gone to martha's vineyard, they left bo the dog at home, and sent a marine helicopter to bring it back at a cost of over $300,000. i would like to know why that is not talked about more. host: more about the president there. guest: i do not know where the facts are coming from, but i find that intriguing, and if that is true, that is certainly something reuters would want to know about and write about. i have a long record in journalism looking into the -- exactly that kind of thing. i will take that note home with me. host: a couple of callers are mentioning the white house, and twitter, the same thing. we have been talking about rules congress wrote for itself for travel. you have a sense of how the white house works in this area. how he decides where they are going? is anyone oversee those decisions because we are hearing it from callers? guest: i do not know the full answers. it would make for interestin
Aug 9, 2013 2:00pm EDT
cultivated. mississippi was always a scary --ace because emmett till was because emmett till was murdered there. and yet, when i go south i still remember that i am black, and i wonder if people will see anything, and all they ever say is, "y'all come back, you hear," or "we wish you were president, bill." it always stuns me. i'm gun shy because of how i was brought up. but we had a wonderful time in west virginia. host: michael in alabama is calling on our republican line. caller: yeah, hello, i would like to say about race, you know, every time a black person kills a white person, it's ok, but if a white person kills a black person, they set out to do it as a race thing. it's not a race thing all the time. we are past all that now. we need to learn to love each other and accept people for who they are in good complaining -- -- quit and planning. guest: who was complaining? caller: well, i mean, the blacks always complain -- guest: why don't you think we are explaining our circumstances? caller: well, they just complain you know, get over what happened in the past. guest: you are from th
Aug 16, 2013 8:00pm EDT
of a summer's day, that bridge collapsed in the middle of the mississippi river. as they said that day, a bridge should not just fall down in the middle of america. not an eight lane bridge in the middle of rush hour, and not a bridge that is six blocks from my house. people were killed. hundreds of people injured. do you know what we do when it does break down, when something like that happens in america? we rebuild. lessbuilt that bridge in than 13 months. we rebuild just like they are rebuilding in new jersey after hurricane sandy. we rebuild just like you did in iowa after the iowa floods. we rebuild, because that is what a good government does. it funds public safety and infrastructure. it doesn't shortchange our roads and our bridges and are -- our dams. [applause] senatee do you think the passed the bipartisan waterville, what are develop and act -- water bill, water development act? in ourve served military, denied citizenship. engineers and doctors and scientists denied entry. the senate finally passed a bipartisan, comprehensive immigration bill with 68 votes in the u.s.
Aug 31, 2013 3:00am EDT
the burden on the women. we went out one time to mississippi. we were there, and then we went out to birmingham, alabama, and we heard the same story time and again. a woman being abused. a neighbor or woman calls up, and guess who goes to jail. the person who called them because they say that woman does not have papers. what does law enforcement do? that is why you have to separate law enforcement from immigration policy. the police are there to protect the people. they have to protect the women and the families.[applause] it is fine and dandy to talk about safety, but we have to understand just how safety really has a corrosive effect. the police, their cars are important to them to protect them. their guns are important to them. their communication, their training is important, but the most important tool, instrument that the police have is the people and the cooperation of the people. when you pass immigration law to criminalize all emigrants and-- immigrants and make them fear the police, you make all of us less safe and you make us all a nation in which we perpetrate injustice
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4